VH1 tastes new ‘Flavor’

Rapper turned reality-TV thesp gets more 'Love'

VH1 is giving Flavor Flav a second chance at “Love.”

Perhaps because the first season of “Flavor of Love” didn’t turn up a soul mate for the pint-sized rapper, cabler has greenlit production on a second season of at least 10 one-hour episodes.

“Flavor of Love,” an offbeat version of dating skeins like “The Bachelor,” started out modestly but later snowballed into the most watched show in the network’s history. Finale raked in a big 6 million viewers, which bested the same-night premieres of HBO’s “Big Love” and Lifetime’s “Cheerleader Nation.”

Production begins next month and casting is under way. New season will premiere early August.

“Flavor of Love 2” will be Flav’s fourth show on VH1. He previously starred in “The Surreal Life” and spin-off “Strange Love,” which chronicled his attempted relationship with former housemate Brigitte Nielsen. Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin, who have exec produced all of the Flav skeins, are behind most of VH1’s top-performing properties including “My Fair Brady,” “Surreal” and upcoming all-star edition “Fame Games.”

Producers were mum on twists for the new edition of “Love,” but did divulge that season two would see a handful of celebrity cameos.

“The show was such a huge hit within the hip-hop community,” Abrego said. “There are a lot of big names who called us up who wanted and will be a part of the show next season.”

“Most of it will stay the same in that this is Flav’s take on romance and class,” Cronin added. “His personal life is a little more hectic because of the show’s success; he’s a little bit more of a celebrity now. But he’s still set on finding love.”

To that end, exec VP of programming for the cabler Michael Hirschorn said the new troupe of girls would be a more altruistic bunch.

“While the show was a smash, it was a failure in terms of Flav finding someone he could trust and love,” Hirschorn said. “We’re making sure we cast a group in which we won’t see a repeat of the rampant gold-digging and blatant self-misrepresentation.”