U preems ‘Dreamz’

Weitz pic pokes fun at everybody

Asked at Tuesday’s ArcLight preem if his “American Dreamz” is a satire or a comedy, writer-director Paul Weitz said: “Since satire is the death knell for a movie, it’s a comedy.”

At the Cabana Club soiree, U topper Marc Shmuger called the pic “audacious,” while producer Rodney Liber described it as “a cultural comedy — it takes stabs at everybody” — and producer Andrew Miano said, “The movie is an equal offender — it’s a comedy first and a commentary second.”

Weitz agreed the pic has a “Wag the Dog” meets “Being There” aspect, “but with some Mel Brooks thrown in. It’s not so much a sendup of the administration or ‘American Idol’ as it asks the question, is every American supposed to have a dream, and whether that makes it impossible to deal with reality.”