Toasting the write stuff

Writer's Guild, Premiere fete great scripts

Of all the screenplays, in all the towns, in all the world, “Casablanca” took top honors Thursday at the Writers Guild of America and Premiere magazine’s 101 Greatest Screenplays gala at the WGA Theater.

Event, hosted by Harry Shearer, drew some of the town’s finest scribes to accept honors, including Robert Towne (“Chinatown,” No. 3), Buck Henry (“The Graduate,” 13), Danny Rubin (“Groundhog Day,” 27), George Lucas (“Star Wars,” 68) and Callie Khouri (“Thelma & Louise,” 72).

“I am envious of the talent of all my friends here, who have written screenplays that I couldn’t have written. And I’m angry about it,” Shearer quipped.

After the kudos, attendees moved to the lobby for cocktails, dessert and the inevitable discussions on why their personal favorite may not have made the cut. For the record, “The Godfather,” “Chinatown,” “Citizen Kane” and “All About Eve” rounded out the top five.