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Comedy Central roasts Shatner

WHAT: Sunday’s Comedy Central roast of William Shatner

WHO: Roast master Jason Alexander; roasters Andy Dick, Farrah Fawcett, Greg Giraldo, Lisa Lampanelli, Artie Lange, Nichelle Nichols, Patton Oswalt, Kevin Pollock, Jeffrey Ross, George Takei, Betty White and Fred Willard

WHERE: CBS Studio Center’s Stage 21 in Studio City, with an after-bash next door on Stage 22, where event staff adorned T-shirts that read “I’m with Shatner.”

TAKE THAT, CAPTAIN KIRK: Fans can see the full roast on Aug. 20, but soundbites from the dais included: “His sci-fi books are so compelling that Tom Cruise is turning them into a religion”; “He’s gotten so big he went from Captain Kirk to Captain Crunch, from ‘TJ Hooker’ to the nearest PF Chang’s and from ‘Boston Legal’ to Boston Market”; and from his “Star Trek” cohort, George Takei, “I have waited all these years to finally say: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!”