HOLLYWOOD — After receiving a standing ovation at the opening of the Taper’s “The Cherry Orchard” on Sunday, star Annette Bening talked of Chekhov’s resonance with today’s audience.

“The themes are bigger than just Russia,” Bening said. “It’s about beginnings and endings and the ephemeral nature of life.”

Talking of beginnings, co-star Frances Fisher‘s dog debuted his showbiz career. “I figured rather than hiring somebody with a trained dog, I’d really rather have my own dog,” she said. “He’s been working for dog treats; he hasn’t made any money yet.”

Although star Alfred Molina skipped the party, cast members Sarah Paulson and Jason Butler Harner were among those celebrating with director Sean Mathias plus guests Warren Beatty, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Courtney Love, Eric McCormack, Alessandro Nivola, Marisa Tomei and Lorraine Toussaint.