Spain’s biggest international sales operation Filmax Intl. is expanding into the sale of content that it hasn’t produced itself.

It’s handling international rights on two series, Jesus Garay’s “War Wives” and “Mari,” and three TV movies from Spanish production company In Vitro. TV movies are Ricard Figueras’ “Family Tree,” Carlos Perez Ferre’s “A Fearless Life” and Silvia Munt’s “Mohamed’s Daughters.”

Filmax is opening up an invaluable conduit for international sales on TV productions in Spain.

Producers have traditionally assigned international rights to broadcasters parallel to domestic rights deals, but broadcasters have done little to sell the productions internationally.

“We have the knowledge, structure and brand to sell TV abroad,” said Rafael Cabera, director of Filmax’s international division.

“Sales on these shows would traditionally focus on Latin America and Western Europe. But with our contacts, we can hope to open them up to other territories as well,” added Ivan Diaz, Filmax director of international TV sales.