Site unites brands, shows

Quik Drop links up with Media Matchmaker

The Quik Drop retail-store brand will be turning up throughout the syndicated hourlong “Countdown to Draft Day” TV special next month in the first linkup ever for Media Matchmaker, a new product-placement Web site.

Site enables producers to inform potential advertisers that their movies and TV shows are available for the embedding of products within a scene. Product-placement companies are also encouraged to sign up so that producers can spot a brand that might be perfect for inclusion in a movie or TV show.

StarGames, the producer of “Countdown to Draft Day,” which will run on TV stations between April 15 and 29 in advance of the NFL draft on April 29-30, spotted Palisades Media Group, which represents Quik Drop, on the Media Matchmaker Web site.

Since StarGames operates out of Lynnfield, Mass., and Palisades out of Santa Monica, Corey Weiss, VP of integrated marketing for Palisades, said he never would have found StarGames in the normal course of business.

Weiss said the two parties quickly negotiated a deal in which Quik Drop will get opening and closing billboards on “Countdown,” plus the sponsorship of a segment called the “Quik Drop Quarterback Report” and the onscreen appearance of the actor who plays an Army sergeant in one of the Quik Drop commercials.

L.A.-based Media Matchmaker, co-founded by Betsy Green and Jim Mahoney, will charge subscription fees beginning May 1 to companies that want to be listed on the Web site. The fees will range from $2,000 to $12,000 per month depending on the size of the company and on how many products, movies or TV shows it wants to feature.