“The Rachael Ray Show” completely dominated the rookie field during the November sweeps, which ran Nov. 2-29.

Among veteran strips, off-net sitcoms fared the worst, while most talkshows and magazines, the two strongest categories in the previous November sweeps, gave back some of their gains.

“Dr. Phil” was the only talker to improve over last year, while “Entertainment Tonight” was the one magazine up over 2005.

“Ray” swept up the rookies with a 2.1 November average, 91% higher than second-place frosh “The Dr. Keith Ablow Show,” which averaged a 1.1. In 55 metered markets, “Ray” was the only new talker up over last November’s time-period average, growing 9%. “Ablow” was down 29%.

“The Greg Behrendt Show” and “The Megan Mullally Show” tied for third with a 0.8. “Behrendt” was down 36% from its time periods in the overnights, while “Mullally” was down 43% from the year-earlier time period average in the metered cities.

The top three off-net sitcoms were all down by double digits from the previous November sweep. Leader “Everybody Loves Raymond” tumbled 18% year to year to a 5.3. Runner-up “Seinfeld” plunged 20% to a 4.5. In third, “Friends” sank 31% to a 3.7.

Besides “Dr. Phil,” all veteran talkers were lower compared with the previous November. “The Oprah Winfrey Show” continued to lead the genre with a 7.1 average, but its margin over second-place “Dr. Phil,” at a 5.6, shrank from 2.7 to 1.5 rating points sweep to sweep. Compared with last year, “Oprah” was down 13%, while “Dr. Phil” was up 2% in the latter skein’s strongest November sweep performance since 2003.

In third place “Live With Regis and Kelly” was down 5% to a 3.5, while “Maury” lost 17% to a 2.4.

Rounding out the top five was “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with a 2.1, down 13%.

“ET,” with a 5.6, was the No. 1 mag for the 65th sweep in a row. Skein widened its lead on second-place “Inside Edition,” which averaged a 3.4, from 1.8 to a 2.2 rating points or 22%. “ET” was also the only magazine show to see ratings improve year to year, up 2%. “Edition” was down 8%.

All the courtshows were down or flat year to year, with top gaveler “Judge Judy” falling 2% to a 4.8.

“Wheel of Fortune” ruled the gameshows with an 8.6, unchanged from the previous November.