‘Pig’ flies to B’way

'Lieutenant,' Kotis' latest have different targets in satirical sights

Just weeks after “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” reintroduced legiters to the real meaning of a bloodbath, the Roundabout Theater’s production of Greg Kotis‘ latest play, “Pig Farm,” opened Tuesday in an avalanche of mud, blood and fecal sludge.

Comparisons between the two shows are bound to be made, if only because both employ special effects more at home in a Tarantino pic than an Off Broadway theater. But, as the “Urinetown” co-writer explained afterward, the shows have different targets in their satirical sights.

“I love theater, but it drives me nuts,” said Kotis. “If ‘Urinetown’ was spoofing the classic Broadway musical, then ‘Pig Farm’ is spoofing the devastating American drama — the work of Sam Shepard or David Mamet.”

And there’s no suggestion that he will be watering down his surreal productions. Next on the slate: “Yeast Nation,” which Kotis is developing with “Urinetown” co-writer Mark Hollmann. Kotis described it as “a kind of musical Greek drama, set at the dawn of time, where all the characters are single-cell yeast organisms.”