Paramount in hog heaven

Pigs steal the show at 'Charlotte's Web' preem

HOLLYWOOD — At Paramount’s Sunday ArcLight premiere of “Charlotte’s Web,” there was a pig hogging the spotlight on the red carpet, natch.

In typical Hollywood fashion, the little porker took credit for playing Wilbur, even though he wasn’t one of the 50 swine used during production. The animal then was whisked off to the Palladium Hollywood after-party and a stint at the petting zoo.

“The pigs had different personalities,” Dakota Fanning said of her co-stars. “Some were affectionate, but it was always about who could do the best task at hand.”

Of course, there is always a diva on the set.

“The geese weren’t allowed near anyone because they would bite,” said “Charlotte” producer Jordan Kerner. “The horses and the cows were afraid of them. The pigs were afraid of everything.”

As the voice of Templeton the rat, Steve Buscemi didn’t have to contend with animals, but that didn’t stop him from Method acting.

“I live in New York, so I know rats,” thesp said.