WHAT: Wednesday’s Paramount preem of “Failure to Launch”

WHERE: Clearview Chelsea West Theater followed by an afterparty at Buddakan

WHO: Pic’s Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker; helmer Tom Dey; producer Scott Aversano;Viacom’s Tom Freston; plus guests Jerry Seinfeld, Salma Hayek and Lance Armstrong

OVERCOMING OSCAR: Releasing the film just five days after the Oscar swell didn’t concern McConaughey.

“My hope is that (releasing the film now) will work to our advantage because of the genre of movie it is — a romantic comedy,” he said. (Turns out it did.) “It is very accessible and easy. It is not a movie that you have to go in and think real hard about. It is a nice easy ride.”

BACK STORY: Though Parker and McConaughey collaborated on a 2000 seg of “Sex and the City, ” Parker said that had nothing to do with the film’s casting.

“I don’t think the people who were making the casting decisions were even aware that Matthew and I had even worked together,” she said.