NRG exec hangs shingle

Paura bows research company

Angela Paura, former chief operating officer at NRG, has launched her own market research firm, Advanced Marketing Perspectives.

It will give film studios consumer feedback on marketing material for individual films. Charter clients include Sony, New Line and Universal.

AMP uses a sitting panel of consumers in such research, allowing studios to show multiple versions of trailers and other materials to the same group of people.

“We query the same core of consumers,” said Paura. “We’re the only company that’s established a continuing panel.”

She also touted the firm’s demographic knowledge of those they are tracking, including their entertainment consumption, product preferences and technology adoption.

“Providing clients a consistent baseline against which to measure results is also critically important,” Paura said. “For example, with a panel whose entertainment history is exclusive to AMP, we are able to measure reaction of the same respondents over the course of a theatrical release campaign, from market positioning to teaser trailer to commercials to final film product.”

In addition to commissioned research, AMP also offers three subscription tracking products. Extra! is designed to track movie preferences among general moviegoers, parents and teens and, in addition to tracking awareness and title preference, will also query consumers on other entertainment options, including watching movies at home or playing a new videogame title. The two others, TeenTown and Boomerville are designed to spot marketing trends among teens and baby boomers, respectively.

AMP is based in Sherman Oaks. Joining Paura are two other former NRG execs, Douglas Wayne, who is chief operating officer, and Paul Schmitt, who is exec director.