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Nov. 6

AFM screening guide

8:30 a.m.
Udon (Pony Canyon) Broadway 3
Sinking of Japan (TBS) Broadway 4

8:45 a.m.
Rob-B-Hood (Emperor) AMC 1
Jindabyne (Celluloid Dreams) AMC 2
Death Note (Nippon Television Network) AMC 7
Comrade Pederson (NonStop) Fairmont 1
French California (StudioCanal) Nu Wilshire 2

9 p.m.
Black Night (Five Star) AMC 3
Ghost Game (Golden Network) AMC 4
This Is England (The Works) AMC 5
The Hawk Is Dying (Katapult Film Sales) AMC 6
Bordertown (Capitol Films) Broadway 1
Fido (Lionsgate) Broadway 2
Shanghai Red (Hollywood Classics) Fairmont 2
Ripple Effect (ThinkFilm) Fairmont 3
Inside Out (Shoreline) Fairmont 4
Alone With Her (6 Sales) Fairmont 5
Island of the Living Dead (Filmexport Group) LeMerigot 1
Dead End (Mammoth) LeMerigot 2
Slow Jam King (Unitel Pictures) LeMerigot 3
Glue (Lumina) Mann 1
Four Minutes (Beta Cinema) Mann 2
The Stone Council (UGC ) Mann 3
Beck — The Scorpion (Nordisk) Mann 4
The Tripper (Voltage) Mann 5
Late Bloomers (Telepool ) Mann 6
Faces of a Fig Tree (Open Sesame) Monica 1
Sounds of Sand (Fortissimo) Monica 2
El Camino de San Diego (TF1) Monica 3
The Yacoubian Building (BAC Films)
Nu Wilshire 1

Popular on Variety

11 a.m.
It’s a Boy Girl Thing (Icon Entertainment) AMC 2
Twice Upon a Time (Gaumont) AMC 3
After This Our Exile (Focus) AMC 4
The Victim (Golden Network Asia) AMC 5
Are You Ready for Love? (Carnaby) AMC 6
Provoked (Lee Daniels) AMC 7
Maroa (Latido) Broadway 1
Starter For 10 (HBO Enterprises) Broadway 2
Code Name — The Cleaner (Kathy Morgan) Broadway 3
Doghead (Sogepaq) Broadway 4
Hazard (Eleven Arts) Fairmont 1
Xtreme Players (Entertainment 7) Fairmont 2
Seed (Boll AG) Fairmont 3
For Heaven’s Sake (Worldwide Film) Fairmont 4
Kontakt (EastWest Filmdistribution) Fairmont 5
The Baron Against the Demons (Allied Entertainment) LeMerigot 1
Beyond the Façade (Chris Davis) LeMerigot 2
Stephanie Daley (Bleiberg) LeMerigot 3
Plane Dead (Imageworks) Mann 1
Ice Bar (MK Pictures) Mann 2
Keith (Conquistador) Mann 3
Keif al Hal (American Cinema Intl.) Mann 4
Sherrybaby (Katapult Film Sales) Mann 5
Hui-Buh (Beta Cinema) Mann 6
The Treatment (Cinema Management Group) Monica 1
For Your Consideration (Fortissimo) Monica 2
Partition (Myriad) Monica 3
April in Love (Films Distribution — Mercure Intl.) Monica 4
The Yacoubian Building (BAC Films) Nu Wilshire 1
Forget About It (Showcase) Nu Wilshire 2

1 p.m.
Winter Journey (Beta Cinema) AMC 1
Aachi & Ssipak (Studio 2.0) AMC 2
Blame It on Fidel (Gaumont) AMC 3
After This Our Exile (Focus) AMC 4
Moscow Mission (Central Partnership AMC 5
Yo-Yo Girl Cop (Toei) AMC 7
Hanbando (CJ Entertainment) Broadway 1
…So Goes the Nation (Cinemavault Releasing) Broadway 2
Dreamland (Horizon) Broadway 3
Traces of Love (Mirovision) Broadway 4
The Fun Park (Bladewalker) Fairmont 1
Court of Lonely Royals (Fabrication) Fairmont 2
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (Starz) Fairmont 3
Going to Pieces (ThinkFilm) Fairmont 4
Dark Heart (Imageworks) Fairmont 5
Butcher House (Park Entertainment)
LeMerigot 2
Infection (Chris Davis) LeMerigot 3
The Kovak Box (Filmax) Mann 1
Big Nothing (Pathe) Mann 3
The Near East (Sogepaq) Mann 4
Espectro (Lumina) Mann 5
The Missing Star (Lakeshore) Mann 6
How the Lack of Love Affects Two Men (iHQ Co.) Monica 1
Suely in the Sky (Celluloid Dreams) Monica 2
True North (Beyond Films) Monica 3
Ming Ming (Emperor) Monica 4
Kids in America (North by Northwest)
Nu Wilshire 1
On Probation (TF1) Nu Wilshire 2

3 p.m.
Yo Soy La Juani (Arclight) AMC 1
Rockin Meera (Sada) AMC 2
Cut Off (The Little Film Co.) AMC 3
The Valet (Gaumont) AMC 4
The Ugly Duckling & Me (M6 DA/SND) AMC 5
Penny Dreadful (Voltage) AMC 6
Piccolo & Saxo (Films Distribution — Mercure Intl.) AMC 7
Hanbando (CJ Entertainment) Broadway 1
Grounding — The Last Days of Swiss Air (Beta Cinema) Broadway 2
Black Sheep (New Zealand Film Commission) Broadway 3
KM31 (Filmax) Broadway 4
Heart of Fear (Harmony Gold) Fairmont 1
Three Days To Vegas (Alpine Fairmont 2
Special (Fabrication) Fairmont 3
Between (Film Messenger) Fairmont 4
Thr3e (North by Northwest) Fairmont 5
Exitz (Vision Films/Vision Music) LeMerigot 1
The Stone Merchant (Renegade) LeMerigot 2
Raise the Castle! (Soy Source Entertainment) LeMerigot 3
Umizaru 2: Test of Trust (Pony Canyon) Mann 1
The Two Sides of the Bed (Sogepaq) Mann 2
U (Celluloid Dreams) Mann 3
Memories of Matsuko (TBS) Mann 4
Rescue Dawn (Conquistador) Mann 5
Beautiful Dreamer (Imageworks) Mann 6
Freedoms Fury (Fortissimo) Monica 1
The Unseeable (Five Star) Monica 2
Les Ambitieux (Pyramide) Monica 3
The Soul Ferry (China Film Group) Monica 4
When Do We Eat (New Films) Nu Wilshire 1
Regular Lovers (Films Distribution — Mercure Intl.) Nu Wilshire 2

5 p.m.
The Killing Floor (Lightning) Fairmont 1
TV The Movie (Ckrush) Fairmont 2
Masters of Horror 2: Family (Starz) Fairmont 3
Tornado (SevenOne) Fairmont 4
The Jammed (Arclight) Fairmont 5
Razortooth (Push Worldwide) LeMerigot 1
Thirst, Invasion Drop to Drop (Americine) LeMerigot 2
The Dogwalker (Bigfoot) LeMerigot 3
Peaceful Warrior (Inferno) Monica 1
Grave Decisions (Beta Cinema) Monica 2
The Last Train (Telepool) Monica 3
Snuff Movie (Intandem) Nu Wilshire 1
Regular Lovers (Films Distribution– Mecure Intl.) Nu Wilshire 2

7 p.m.
No Regrets (KOTRA — Korea Trade Center) Fairmont 1
Air Guitar Nation (Media 8) Fairmont 2
Highlander: Vengeance (Imagi Services USA) Fairmont 3
Taylor (B.D. Fox & Friends) Fairmont 4
Infinite Justice (Lee Daniels) Fairmont 5
Beyond Dream’s Door (Cinema Epoch) LeMerigot 1
The Jail, A Women’s Hell (Filmexport Group) LeMerigot 2
Chasing the Horizon (Conquistador)
LeMerigot 3

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