Nikkatsu, Media Suits to merge

Studio to strengthen its production, distribution, promotional capabilities

Nikkatsu, Japan’s oldest studio, will merge with distrib Media Suits, the company announced Tuesday. Both companies belong to the corporate group of Index Corp., a broadband and mobile communications powerhouse.

Nikkatsu acquired all Media Suits shares on Tuesday and made the distrib a wholly-owned subsidiary. On Feb. 1, it will complete the merger with Media Suits.

As the entertainment arm of the Index group, Nikkatsu is involved in production, distribution and package licensing, as well as satellite broadcasting and exhibition.

By merging with Media Suits, Nikkatsu intends to strengthen its pic production, distribution and promotional capabilities.

Since being acquired by Index in September, 2005, Nikkatsu has been revamping and expanding its pic-related operations. It is a production partner in the smash hit pics “Death Note” and “Death Note: The Last Name,” as well as the distrib of Korean hit “Welcome to Dongmakgol.”

This year Media Suits produced and distribbed the hit ensemble dramedy “Kamome Diner,” as well as distribbing the Raoul Ruiz biopic “Klimt,” Terry George’s “Hotel Rwanda” and the James Marsh drama “The King.”