Pubcaster NHK has announced preliminary results of an investigation into accounting irregularities over the past seven years, which has discovered $125,084 in missing or misreported coin in 1,120 incidents.

NHK suspended six employees and issued reprimands to 177 more.

The investigation comes in the wake of a series of scandals, most involving finagling of expenses or outright embezzlement by NHK employees, that has resulted in a loss of trust by viewers, 1.12 million of whom were refusing to pay NHK subscriptions by the end of September.

Among NHK employees punished with one-month suspensions are a chief producer who pocketed $7,966 in travel expenses from business trips and a chief camera operator at the Yamaguchi Prefectural station who failed to report an overpayment of $4,406 in per diem allowances.

NHK prexy Genichi Hashimoto promised to reform accounting practices to prevent repetitions. Net will issue a final report on the investigation this fall.

Launched in August, the investigation has scanned records of 30 million payments going back to 1999.