Man of the ‘House’

NBC U keeps Shore at bay

In what will likely end up as one of the year’s bigger overall TV deals, “House” creator David Shore has signed to stay with the NBC Universal Television Studio-produced hit for at least two more years.

Pact, which is retroactive to the beginning of the current season, is expected to pay Shore a high seven-figure salary through mid-2008. Add in his take of the “House” backend — certain to be huge given the skein’s top five status and procedural bent –and the scribe-producer will easily reap eight figures.

NBC U TV is obviously eager for the Canadian-born scribe to create a new series (or three), but the “House” creator said the Fox hit will remain his first priority. Shore said he will eventually turn his attention to development, perhaps as soon as next year.

Shore said NBC U TV topper Angela Bromstad and her team have created an atmosphere conducive to developing “out-there” shows.

“It’s been a shockingly pain-free experience, and that’s what I look for in a studio,” he said. “They’ve never tried to water (‘House’) down, and that’s exciting to a writer when you’re talking about developing new material.”

Fox recently renewed “House” for a third season. Tuesday’s episode of the medical drama nearly tied the skein’s all-time ratings high, and the show is now one of TV’s top five scripted shows in adults 18-49.

Before creating “House,” Shore spent several seasons working on NBC U TV-based Wolf Films’ “Law & Order” and the CBS skein “Family Law.” Scribe’s other credits include “The Practice” and cult fave “Due South.”