‘Lost’ finds the beat

Pic makes preem after 18 years

There was an 18-year journey between conception and Monday’s bow of “The Lost City” at the ArcLight. Director-star Andy Garcia said his film’s long haul “apparently goes with the territory. Hopefully, it’s like an old wine.”

Pic preemed at September’s Telluride Film Fest. Since then Garcia added 10 seconds between shortening a montage and adding a scene. “It’s a director’s thing,” said the helmer. “I think it was Danny DeVito who said, ‘Movies are never finished; they’re abandoned.’ ”

Centerpiece of the Cabana Club after-party was a perf by Garcia with his Afro-Cuban Cineson All-Stars for a crowd that included Bruce Willis, Frank Mancuso, George Lopez, Molly Sims and Joe Pesci.

And while the preem was Monday, Garcia said he looks forward to concerts in Miami and New York to promote the pic’s opening. “You don’t have to break my arm,” he said, “to get me to do a jam session.”