Heretofore known as the quintessential indie queen, Taylor has placed her stamp on such films as “Mystic Pizza,” “Say Anything,” “I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Ransom” and “High Fidelity.”

Origins: Originally from Chicago, Taylor moved to New York in 1988.

What’s new?: “I am doing an off-Broadway play right now that is all about New York called the ‘Landscape of the Body’ by John Guare.” The latest film in which Taylor’s is featured, “The Notorious Bettie Page,” opened in limited engagement in April.

New York state of mind: “The intimacy of the city is what I love. It has been absolutely integral to my career. I can’t really separate the two. It is the spirit of the city; it is the theater; it’s the films that I have done here. That it is a little bit harder here keeps me more alive. I don’t get lulled in New York.”

Downtime: “My ideal weekend would be strolling around with nothing to do. Also maybe going through Chelsea and seeing some art. I also love walking though Central Park. I try to go there a lot.”

Night Moves/sustenance: “It depends. Wherever is closest to where I am I tend to go. I am uptown now doing the play on 42nd and 11th so there is this new place I found near there called Rice n’ Beans on 50th and that is where I have been hanging out for dinner. West Bank Café is also fun and so is Angus McIndoe in the theater district.”

What’s next?: “Nothing right now. The play is the only thing I can focus on at the moment.”