Daniels is a producer, director and writer. His production company Lee Daniels Entertainment is responsible for “Monster’s Ball” and “The Woodsman.”

Origins: “I was born in Philadelphia and I went back and forth between Harlem and Philadelphia as a kid. I live in Harlem now.”

What’s New?: The June release of his feature directing debut, “Shadowboxer.”

New York State of Mind: “I moved to Los Angeles 20 years when I was 21 and it wasn’t until I was able to come home to New York and was in constant interaction with people that I was able to make ‘Monster’s Ball.’ Los Angeles is very intoxicating, but you have to be fabulous to live there and I am not that fabulous. Here in New York you take the subway and you are forced to deal with people positive or negative. The city provides you with the fundamental foundations to create from because of your interactions with people. It is a constant struggle. People here will step on you in order to get where they have to go so and it really brings something to you as a person that you are able to create from.”

Downtime: “Hanging out at Randalls Island watching my kids play soccer would be my idea of an ideal weekend.”

Night moves: “My favorite places to hang out range from this new club called Buddakan to this other club called Butter.”

Sustenance: “I like the House of Prayer in Harlem. It is a soul food restaurant and a very spiritual place.”

What’s next?: “I am in pre-production on ‘Tennessee’ with Mariah Carey.” (Daniels will produce the film.)