Kappel career capped at Loonland

Producer-distrib topper ankles

COLOGNE — TV Loonland topper Selma Kappel ankled Tuesday after a disagreement with the board about the future of the family entertainment producer-distrib.

TV Loonland has replaced her with Simon Flamank but did not go into the details of the spat that ended Kappel’s tenure.

Her departure will come as a surprise for Mip TV mart attendees in Cannes, where she is presenting the company’s content.

Kappel, 37, was the youngest boss of a listed company in Germany and a successful reorganizer. She joined TV Loonland as controller in 2001. In 2005 she succeeded founder Peter Volkle as CEO.

TV Loonland’s largest shareholder, Michael Briem of investment group Aktieninvestor.com, will join the company’s supervisory board.

TV Loonland is based in Munich and London and has a library of around 5,000 30-minute titles, including series such as “Cramp Twins” and “Petterson & Findus.” Its bigscreen “Heidi” movie, a co-production with Canada’s Nelvana, has been sold to webs in 80 countries.

Flamank has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years, TV Loonland said. Previously, he has been CEO of Prism Leisure, chief financial officer of Telstar Entertainment and veep of CIC Video Intl.