Jury: Helmer was murdered

Family calls for extradition of Israeli soldier

British documentary helmer and TV journalist James Miller was murdered when he was shot by an Israeli soldier in Gaza in May 2003 while filming a documentary for HBO, a London coroner’s court jury ruled on Thursday.

Miller’s family will now press the U.K. government to apply for the soldier’s extradition under the Geneva Convention, said the family’s attorney Louise Christian after the three-day inquest.

“The jury has effectively found the killing of James Miller was a war crime in breach of the Geneva Convention,” Christian said.

Miller was making a docu on the impact of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on children when he was shot in the neck after approaching an armored vehicle in the dark. Israeli reports suggested that Miller had been shot in the back, which would have been an indication that a Palestinian was responsible.

During the inquest, Miller’s widow Sophy said that her late husband had been carrying a white flag and was yelling that he was a British journalist when he was shot.

Israeli authorities declined to participate at the inquest. The coroner’s court has no jurisdiction outside the U.K.

Miller’s film, “Death in Gaza,” was completed by his colleagues and won three Emmys in 2005. “Beneath the Veil,” a documentary about life under Afghanistan’s Taliban, which Miller made with journalist Saira Shah, also won an Emmy.