Isaac Mizrahi

N.Y. Minute

Mizrahi designs a mass-market line of clothing for Target, as well as an ultra-luxurious label for Bergdorf Goodman. In 2005, he bowed the “Isaac” show on the Style Network and was recently seen greeting celebs on the red carpet during awards season.

Origins: “I grew up in Brooklyn, but when I was 12, I started commuting to the city, an hour each way on the subway. I went to the High School of Performing Arts, the ‘Fame’ school.”

What’s new?: “I’m working on an expensive collection of home furnishing fabrics for a company called Fabricut, and it is thrilling me to my toes. It’s kind of like the world is my candy store. I’m also working on costumes for ‘Threepenny Opera,’ which is about to open. That’s thrilling, too, all that Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.”

Down time: “In Manhattan, I would wake up and go to the Carlyle for breakfast. It’s such an elegant room — and to the Modern. I would skip lunch and take tea at a cozy little place, Lady Mendel’s. Then a long walk with Harry, my dog. If it was summer, I’d go to a game in Yankee Stadium and root for my darling boys. Otherwise, my ideal is being at my house in Bridgehampton, so I don’t have to leave the dog.”

Night moves: “To me, repetition and excellence is what it’s about. There’s this lovely little place called Japonica on 12th and University Place that I’ve been going to since high school. The sushi is such good quality. The other place I love hanging out is on 43rd Street called Good and Plenty to Go. She’s wonderful at comfort food — great macaroni and cheese. I swim up the block at Manhattan Plaza.”

New York state of mind: “New York is wonderful because there is no norm. So whatever it is you’re into, you can find others who agree. You’re not a pervert if you want to eat dinner at 3 in the morning.  And it affects me creatively because it’s high, high contrast. It was inspiring to me growing up seeing the very awful mixed with the very beautiful.”

What’s next? “I want to do a cooking show. Isn’t that crazy? I probably wouldn’t cook anything. I’d just eat. It would be more of an eating show.”