Inside Move: Stern returning to familiar territory

Shock jock to appear on 'David Letterman'

What is Howard Stern doing on the CBS airwaves?

Stern is skedded to appear Monday on “The Late Show With David Letterman” just weeks after CBS slapped the shock jock with a suit alleging he “misappropriated millions of dollars of CBS Radio airtime for his own personal benefit.”

In response to the suit, which claims Stern earned $200 million for promoting Sirius Satellite Radio on CBS’ dime, Stern has trashed his old boss at every opportunity.

Earlier this week he vented in a two-part interview on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes.”

Even more odd than giving Stern another soapbox to stand on, legal experts say Stern’s appearances on CBS shows such as “Letterman” and “60 Minutes” weaken CBS’ claim that they didn’t know about the details of the contract.

Stern has appeared on “Letterman” 15 times, including last November when he wore a Sirius jacket. That show brought Letterman 4.5 million viewers, about 500,000 more than his season average.

CBS and Stern associates said the timing of the appearance has nothing to do with the suit; it was a standing booking made months ago to coincide with the launch of Stern’s On Demand cable offering.