What did Mel Gibson actually say in his cameo appearance at the Oscars when he declined the offer to host the show?

His lengthy explanation in Mayan dialect while sitting with his “Apocalypto” cast was simply subtitled “Not me.” Sources said Gibson actually said: “I’m sitting here in the jungle, thinking how can I answer the question. I say, not me.” Gibson gave Oscar producers a rough idea of what he might say, and they took his word for it, given the difficulty of deciphering the obscure dialogue. Lucky for them Gibson wasn’t feeling as mischievous as when he made the teaser trailer for “Apocalypto.”

Bloggers with too much time on their hands discovered that if the teaser was broken down frame by frame, the lush footage of a primitive tribe includes a single frame of Gibson standing with his ash-colored primitive tribal cast. Wearing the long beard he has since shaved, Gibson is grinning madly and smoking a fat cigar.