Inside Move: Hotel refit fit for Globes

Hilton makeover won't disturb kudos

It’s still too soon to tell when — or if — a $500 million redevelopment plan will get under way at the Beverly Hilton, but hotel owner Beny Alagem and his Oasis West Realty are reassuring the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. that they want the BevHilton to remain the home of the Golden Globes.

In addition to construction plans at the Robinson’s May west of the hotel, the Hilton just unveiled additional plans for construction to the east.

Oasis, whose plan still requires city approval, says construction is at least three years off. Design, which would include two 13-story condo towers and one 15-story condo hotel, would transform the property, but Oasis execs expect that the International Ballroom will be unaffected.

Ballroom hosts frequent showbiz events, including the Oscar nominees luncheon, the Publicists Guild Awards and numerous fund-raisers. Aside from the Globes kudocast in the ballroom, after-parties are held at four or five other sites at the Hilton, including Trader Vic’s, which has been the recent home to Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s party.

Current plans call for Trader Vic’s to be razed, as would the parking garage, the roof of which was used by NBC Universal for its party this year. Lost space would be made up for with an expanded garden and a new restaurant and executive meeting center, the hotel says.

While construction would be a multiyear affair, a rep for the BevHilton said it plans to schedule work around the Globes ceremony.