Inside Move: Agencies no longer endeavoring to wed

Possible UTA, Endeavor merger talks are no more

The merger that never was is no longer.

After weeks of rumors of an urge to merge between UTA and Endeavor, the buzz in Hollywood is that talks between the two agencies are kaput. Not that anyone from either agency ever confirmed that talks were taking place at all.

Despite a lack of confirmation or tangible evidence, talk over whether the agencies would wed has eclipsed gossip of when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will reach the altar. A report in Page Six of the New York Post last week pronounced it a nearly done deal, though the same column used similar wording weeks earlier to announce nuptials between Endeavor and ICM.

Why did talks cool? While the convergence of agents and their TV and film clients would have created a powerhouse percentery, the unavoidable clash of egos and corporate cultures would have created too many headaches for a bunch of wealthy partners who are doing pretty well just the way things are.

And so ends the merger talk… at least until the next round of rumors.