Hopper throws arty party

Thesp preems new exhibit

HOLLYWOOD — Watch out Lakers — and Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Bruins and Trojans. As evidenced by his one-man exhibit at Ace Gallery, which bowed Thursday at the Wilshire Blvd. Ace Gallery, Dennis Hopper is L.A.’s ultimate home team all by himself.

And the hometown crowd — from producers Arnold Kopelson, Jerry Bruckheimer, Roger Corman and Mace Neufeld to thesps Benjamin Bratt, Viggo Mortensen and Daryl Hannah — turned out to celebrate a literal lifetime of Hopper’s artistic efforts.

With photographic portraits of the famous (Paul Newman); the notorious (Warhol’s Factory gang); and the obscure (Angelino bikers and bohemians), it was churlish to ask why he wasn’t displaying the cover shot he did for Tina Turner‘s immortal “River Deep, Mountain High,” but Hopper quickly acknowledged the omission and promised, “I’ll try to get that back in to the next show!”

As for the his fondness for the veneers, surfaces and general glut of advertising mediums of all sorts that festoon so many of his works, he explained: “When you are depicting L.A., all you’ve got are three choices; cars and billboards and I don’t like palm trees.”