Helmer ‘Blocks’ fur

Donner actioner preems in Gotham

“I don’t stand up for a lot of things, but this has become so personal for me. It just tears your heart out,” said “16 Blocks” helmer Richard Donner at the actioner’s Gotham preem Monday.

Only he wasn’t talking about a risky casting choice or a script change, but rather the large button he was wearing emblazoned with a “No Fur” logo.

Thanks to Donner’s devotion to the cause, even the preem’s tickets said the Ziegfeld screening would be a “no fur event.” The “Superman” and “Lethal Weapon” helmer also is lining up a project with “Blocks” scribe Richard Wenk about the rescue of a neglected elephant in an Alaskan zoo.

Donner also was passionate about his “Blocks” stars Bruce Willis and Mos Def, saying of Willis, who plays against type as a disheveled gumshoe: “I knew (Willis) was a guy who would take a chance.” Spotting Willis across midtown lounge Providence, looking like a movie star again at the after-party, Donner added, “Now he’s right back to where he was.”

Willis, however, cautioned that it took him “two hours every day in the chair” to get his appalling appearance. “I let my hair down,” the thesp quipped of his character’s wispy blond look.