H’wood orders a double-double

Ferguson, Davis tome parties draw stars

This week, literacy had a rare brush with glamour at a pair of book parties. Monday, Craig Ferguson was poolside at the Roosevelt’s Tropicana Bar to sign his debut novel, “Between the Bridge and the River,” and on Tuesday, Nancy Davis celebrated the publication of her book “Lean on Me” at Norman’s on Sunset.

Ferguson drew a crowd that included host Carrie Fisher, plus guests Peter Bart, Henry Winkler, Michael Tolkin and George Segal. “The Late Late Show” host said he was drawn to doing a novel because “I wanted to tell a story without any discussion or conference.”

Davis said her advice book came from being diagnosed 14 years ago with multiple sclerosis and “the doctors telling me to go home and go to bed. They said I’d be able to operate the remote control on the TV set. That wasn’t exactly the life I had planned.”

She said her book was about empowerment; never taking no for an answer; getting over fears “and learning all the dirty little tricks that exist in the medical world.”