Gift Basket Smackdown

A look at the delicious and unique options

In the realm of competitive gifting, the goodie basket tournament is fierce. Towers of assorted nuts and popcorn tins won’t win any medals this year. Go for the gold with one of the following delicious and unique options, each of which is available nationally:


310-656-3040; 212-366-1414

Yum: Old school chocolate chip, peanut butter and dainty gingerbread cookies for purists; homemade marshmallows too

Feeds: An office of 20-50

Who sends: The Weinstein Co.’s Liz Biber sends out platters regularly

Price: $25 and up



Yum: Macaroons, sesame peanut butter cookies, grapefruit chocolates and more in a chic box

Feeds: Two to five co-workers

Who sends: Walt Disney and Elizabeth Shue

Price: $18-$120; two-day notice requested



Yum: Former personal chocolatier to Jackie Kennedy creates a<br>chocolate silhouette of a women’s stocking filled with confections.

Feeds: Full stocking sates an office of 10-40.

Who sends: Warner Bros., DreamWorks, CAA, Barbra Streisand

Price: Stocking alone starts at $225 and can run to $600; order ASAP.



Yum: Blue hatboxes packed with fancy fruit jellies, gingerbread, macaroons, angel marshmallows, meringues, caramels and pralines.

Feeds: 10-12 co-workers

Who sends: Paul McCartney, Jodie Foster, Salma Hayek, Queen Latifah

Price: Hatboxes range from $45-$85. Same-day service, but large orders could require a week’s notice.