Fox believes in ‘Steve’

Ferrell's shingle sets Henchy-penned pilot

Fox is worshipping at the “Church of Steve,” a half-hour comedy from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Prods.

Single-camera laffer, created and written by Chris Henchy (“I’m With Her”), revolves around an average Joe from New Jersey who finds out he’s a descendant of Jesus. Fox said it has given a put pilot commitment to the project, which will be produced by Gary Sanchez Prods. and Sony Pictures Television.

Henchy was recently tapped to serve in a senior exec capacity at Sanchez (Daily Variety, Aug. 16), which is based at Paramount Vantage for film. Before he took that gig, he had set up a blind script deal at Sony. When he came up with the idea for “Steve,” Henchy pitched it to Ferrell and McKay, and the trio decided to attach the Sanchez label.

Pilot will be exec produced by Henchy, McKay and Ferrell.

Henchy said his “Steve” won’t have any religious superpowers, nor will the pilot script confirm that Steve is, in fact, actually a blood relative of Jesus.

Instead, the pilot sets up a scenario in which a biblical scholar from Italy comes to the conclusion that Steve is a descendant of Christ. Except for a few of his close friends and relatives, Steve — who’ll be unmarried and without children — keeps the news of his lineage a secret.

“We explore what this guy’s life is like with this knowledge,” Henchy said. “He’s a guy who always felt he was destined for something greater, who’s always trying to force his wisdom on other people.”

While film is the company’s focus, Gary Sanchez Prods. now finds itself with two potential TV skeins. Company recently set up the untitled Danny McBride comedy at HBO.