Former cast members — including Rob Lowe — and frequent guest stars are flocking back to NBC’s “The West Wing” as the politico drama nears its finish.

Lowe is set to star in two of the last episodes, while others, including Mary-Louise Parker, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson and Annabeth Gish, will appear in one or more of the final five segs.

Lowe, who last played Sam Seaborn in the show’s fourth season, has since then starred in the skeins “Dr. Vegas,” “The Lyon’s Den” and “Beach Girls.” He also appears in the upcoming feature “Thank You for Smoking.”

Parker, now seen in the Showtime skein “Weeds,” will revive her “West Wing” character Amy Gardner, the first lady’s chief of staff, last seen in the 2003-04 season.

Also back are Cole as VP Bob Russell and Matheson as former veep John Hoynes. Cole has more recently been seen in “Wanted” on TNT and the feature “The Ring Two,” while Matheson has helmed episodes of “E-Ring,” “Las Vegas” and “Cold Case.”

Gish will reprise her role as President Bartlet’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth, while Marlee Matlin is back as political consultant Joey Lucas.

Also, “CSI: Miami” star Emily Procter will revive her role as associate White House counsel Ainsley Hayes, not seen since season three, and Anna Deavere Smith (“Numbers”) will return as National Security Adviser Nancy McNally.

Timothy Busfield, recently cast (and confirmed as a director) on the pilot “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (from “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin), will return as White House press corps member Danny Concanon.