Charles Finch, the former European head of the William Morris Agency, has sold 5% of his companies Finch & Partners and Pink Sands to London-based TV sales outfit Target Entertainment.

Finch & Partners is a management company that reps talent and consumer brands. Pink Sands is Finch’s new production arm.

Target will get a first look at TV projects and a second look at film projects from Pink Sands.

The sales company, headed by CEO Alison Rayson, is hoping to work with Finch and his clients to develop talent-driven properties in drama, film, comedy and documentary.

Finch’s clients include John Malkovich, Gillian Anderson, Diane Kruger, Joely Richardson, Anna Friel, Harvey Keitel, Matthew Modine and Gerard Depardieu.

Pink Sands is exec producing Nick Broomfield’s feature doc “Ghosts.” Upcoming projects include Jan Dunn’s sophomore movie “Ruby Red Chequer” and Sienna Miller starrer “Camille,” both scheduled to shoot in May.

Target, founded in 1998, reps a wide range of TV programming, including drama series “Footballers’ Wives” and talent show “Popstars.” The company, which also has a New York office, launched its own production division two years ago.