Burns wrote, directed, produced and acted in his inaugural film “The Brothers McMullen,” which took home the 1995 Sundance Film Festival grand jury prize. He donned the same multiple hats for “She’s the One,” “Sidewalks of New York” and upcoming summer release “The Groomsmen,” which screens at Tribeca.

Origins: “I was born in Queens and then we moved to Long Island. I lived in New York my whole life except for a few years in the late ’90s when I moved to LA.”

What’s new?: ” ‘The Groomsmen’ is being released July 14 and I also just finished shooting a film called ‘Purple Violets’ with Selma Blair, Patrick Wilson and Debra Messing. They were both shot entirely in New York.

New York state of mind: “New York is where I am from and it is where my friends live. I tend to make stories that are about real characters and real situations so the stories that I hear and that are of interest to me tend to be New York-based stories. The streets are constantly stimulating. If I am in the middle of a script and I don’t know where to go next, a lot of times I will just go for a walk or on the subway and inevitably I will overhear a conversation or see a situation that gets my creative juices flowing again. There is more of everything here than you could possibly want from the full socioeconomic spectrum to the cultural spectrum.”

Downtime: “I like to go out to Long Island and do some fishing.”

Night moves: “I like to go to Walkers in Tribeca at the end of a shooting day.”

Sustenance: “I like Landmarc, Sosa Borella, Lupe’s in the Village, Corner Bistro and John’s Pizza.”

What’s Next?: Besides “Purple Violets,” I also have one of my scripts that is untitled that we will begin shooting hopefully next spring in New York.