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Bodow head writer for Stewart show

Steve Bodow is expected to be named head writer for “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.”

Insiders say Bodow will replace David Javerbaum, who was named showrunner of the news parody show on Thursday (Daily Variety, Dec. 1) after longtime showrunner Ben Karlin announced his resignation.

Bodow’s promotion had been in the works for some time, according to several sources, because Javerbaum had been planning to exit the show. Latter is writing the lyrics for the upcoming stage adaptation of the John Waters movie “Cry-Baby” and is said to have wanted to focus on theater.

Once Karlin made his departure official, however, Javerbaum was coaxed into staying and bumped up to exec producer.

Bodow has been a “Daily Show” writer since 2002 and has won four Emmys for his work. Before that he worked as a journo and a theater director.