The CW has hired Betsy McGowen to head up Kids’ WB, the nascent netlet’s Saturday morning kids block.

McGowen will serve as senior VP and general manager for Kids’ WB, which is retaining its name despite moving to the new CW network. Exec has been with Kids’ WB since it launched, as part of the WB web, in 1995.

Exec has served as senior VP-general manager at Kids’ WB since May 2004. She’ll continue to handle all of the programming block’s series development, scheduling, branding and marketing.

McGowen will now report to incoming CW Entertainment prexy Dawn Ostroff, who made the announcement Thursday.

“Kids’ WB is an integral part of the CW’s future, and Betsy McGowen’s continued leadership and vast experience make her the perfect executive to oversee this daypart,” Ostroff said.

Prior to taking the reins of the children’s block, McGowen had served as senior VP of marketing for Kids’ WB. Before the Frog, McGowen worked as a freelance writer, producer and editor for outlets such as Fox and the Disney Channel. She also spent time as a promo writer and producer for the Fox Kids Network.