“CSI: Miami” scribe Sunil Nayar has sealed a two-year, seven-figure deal to develop new projects at CBS Paramount Network TV.

Under terms of the deal, Nayar will remain with “CSI: Miami,” where he’s been promoted to co-exec producer, next season. He’ll then focus on new development during the second year of his deal.

“Sunil exemplifies why ‘CSI’ franchise staffers are highly coveted across the television landscape,” said “CSI: Miami” showrunner Ann Donahue, who called Nayar an “immensely talented writer who’s also a skilled producer.”

Nayar has spent three seasons on “CSI: Miami.” Before that, he worked on HBO’s “Oz” and UPN’s “The Beat,” both dramas from Tom Fontana.

Coming off two very different shows as “CSI: Miami” and “Oz,” Nayar said he’ll take elements he learned from both to craft his own project.

“I was the great beneficiary of being involved in both shows,” he said. “(‘Miami’) is a procedural piece, and (‘Oz’) was a character piece. I hope whatever I come up with will be a nice mix of the two.”

As for sticking with “CSI: Miami” and setting up shop at CBS Paramount, the UTA-repped Nayar said he found both to be “places where everybody is encouraged to learn. I had a sense that this is a good home for me, the network, the studio and the show.”

CBS Paramount Network TV prexy called Nayar “an integral part of (‘CSI Miami’s’) success.”