Court TV adds to docket

Legal net will try 10 skeins

Ten new weekly series will make their way to Court TV’s primetime schedule between March 31 and the end of the year, including the network’s first scripted original.

The cabler is renewing 12 others.

“Our content focuses on real people facing life-and-death situations,” said Henry Schleiff, chairman-CEO of Court TV, speaking at an upfront luncheon for reporters Tuesday.

Court TV is ramping up its programming schedule at least in part because technology is creating so many fresh platforms, Schleiff said. In addition to television, Court TV is funneling its shows to online/broadband, mobile phones, video-on-demand and satellite radio.

“Our broadband site will show deleted scenes from our new shows and sneak previews that can be downloaded to iPods and portable media players,” he said. “We provide 10 hours of video-on-demand programming a month to Time Warner Cable. And we’re ready to send news clips and verdict alerts to cell-phone users.”

The new shows include “Haunting Evidence,” in which a psychic profiler, a clairvoyant and a paranormal investigator help the police solve cold cases; “Missing Persons Unit,” which re-examines unsolved disappearances throughout the country; “On the Run,” dealing with international manhunts of American fugitives conducted by U.S. authorities; “L.A. Forensics,” focusing on the Los Angeles Scientific Investigation Division; and “America’s Crime Writers: Murder They Wrote,” which follows such top crime writers as Michael Connelly and James Ellroy as they investigate real-life mysteries.

Other new series are “Video Justice,” in which exec producer John Langley (“Cops”) tries to prove that cameras are the most powerful tool in capturing criminals; “SWAT USA,” which profiles SWAT teams in various cities; “Beach Patrol: Miami Beach,” about the lifeguards of the ocean-rescue team; “Inside,” about special-response teams that take on the most dangerous assignments; and ” ‘Til Death Do Us Part,” scripted anthology half-hours that dramatize the events of a true crime, hosted by movie director John Waters.