CBS, DIC set Saturday kidshow slate

Eye web series skedded

CBS and DIC Entertainment, the supplier of content for CBS’ Saturday mornings, unveiled their first slate as programming partners for the upcoming season, with an emphasis on original, health-conscious shows.

DIC replaces Nickelodeon, which dropped a seven-year programming pact with CBS in January.

New series, which will form part of CBS’ Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party, skedded to preem Sept. 16, include “Horseland,” a CGI/traditional animation mix set in a stable; “Kooky Kitchen,” in which a chef takes kids on a journey through his magic recipe book; and “Littlest Pet Shop,” about a young girl with a group of tiny pets as friends.

Three series from DIC’s programming library will also debut on broadcast, including “Sabrina” spinoff “Sabrina: The Animated Series,” teen skein “Trollz” and Emmy winner “Madeline.”

CBS also will air two live-action reality series: “CAKE,” in which a 13-year-old Martha Stewart-in-waiting instructs viewers about how to transform everyday items into more interesting objects, and “Dance, Dance, Dance!,” a show designed to teach kids their first steps.

CBS and DIC also will produce several live-action interstitials to promote healthy eating to meet increasingly stringent FCC regulations.

In an effort to show compliance, the net said the nutritional messages will be created in conjunction with Baylor College of Medicine’s Children’s Nutrition Research Center.

Additionally, all of the new series are under the supervision of Donald F. Roberts, a Stanford professor of communications and kids media guru, and Gordon Berry, CBS’ kids programming chief consultant.