“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum Marti Noxon has sealed an exclusive two-year, seven-figure overall deal with Touchstone TV.

As part of the pact, she’s already showrunner on the drama pilot “Brothers & Sisters,” exec producing the project along with scribe Jon Robin Baitz.

Under the deal, which has been in the works for several months, Noxon will create and exec produce new dramas exclusively for Touchstone, with an eye for sibling network ABC.

Noxon said she felt her style of writing was best suited for Touchstone and the Alphabet web.

“Anytime you decide where to (sign a deal), you have to think about the network they supply to,” Noxon said. “With a few exceptions now, you’re not just making a deal with a supplier, but also a network. In thinking about where my kind of writing was best suited, I’m interested in doing adult-driven ensemble writing — and ABC is doing a lot of that.”

Touchstone exec VP Julia Franz said Noxon’s sensibility was “very much in sync with the kind of shows we tend to develop and produce.”

Noxon was formerly set up at 20th Century Fox TV, where she took over for creator Joss Whedon in running “Buffy.” She also created the short-lived Fox drama “Point Pleasant” as well as the never-aired drama “Still Life.” Noxon also served as a consulting producer on “Buffy” spinoff “Angel.”

Don’t expect more supernatural-themed shows from Noxon, however: The scribe is more interested in tackling other subjects.

“I’d really love the opportunity to try something different for me,” she said. “I got vampire fatigue after 120 episodes.”

Noxon’s feature credits include the indie comedy “Just a Little Harmless Sex.”