Silvio Berlusconi has called for a recount of all ballots cast in the April election that Italy’s feisty media mogul and former prime minister lost by a razor-thin margin.

The owner of top Italo commercial web Mediaset announced the move on Sunday, days after parliament set up a committee that will check blank and void ballots in several Italian regions to try and put an end to controversy lingering since current center-left Prime Minister Romano Prodi took power.

“We are convinced that we won, so we need to recount all the ballots, because in a democracy you can’t assign the majority for 24,000 ballots,” Italian press reports quoted Berlusconi as saying.

The partial recount that’s under way was actually prompted by allegations of tampering to favor Berlusconi’s side, not Prodi’s, in the vote.

The call for a recount by Berlusconi, who never conceded defeat, has been blasted by the center-left as posturing.

“It’s just an unacceptable attempt to try to discredit and delegitimize us,” said center-left MP Oliviero Diliberto. “If there have been any irregularities, they have been on his part.”

It is considered unlikely Berlusconi will obtain a total recount eight months after the vote.