Bend it like Bynes

'Man' bow brings out the crowds

HOLLYWOOD — It’s rare at a red-carpet Hollywood premiere to see the pic’s director revving up the audience by yelling into the mic in front of throngs of screaming fans in the front row. But that was the scene Wednesday in Westwood at DreamWorks’ unveiling of gender-bending teen comedy “She’s the Man.”

An enthusiastic Andy Fickman gave special shoutouts to his mother (who flew in from Texas), studio marketing maven Terry Press (“Make sure to buy the Terry Press calendar!”) and studio exec Marc Haimes (“the incomparable”).

Real star of the night was topliner Amanda Bynes, who plays the dual roles of Viola and Sebastian Hastings in the Lakeshore Entertainment and Donners Co. production.

Bynes didn’t have to search far for tips on being a believable boy after she was surrounded by throngs of actors on the Vancouver set. “There was never a moment of ‘I give to you the secrets of man,’ but just her being around a pack of wild dudes rubbed off a lot,” said co-star Robert Hoffman.