WHAT: Opening night of the Off Broadway show “Sandra Bernhard: Everything Bad & Beautiful” on Wednesday

WHERE: Daryl Roth Theater, followed by an after-bash at Splash.

STRIP TEASE: During the course of the show, Bernhard sang, cracked jokes and stripped down to her undies.

“The whole point of taking off my clothes is to bring (the show) to an intimate space,” Bernhard explained. “I wanted the audience to feel like they are hanging out with me at home. It was not for any sort of shock value. It was just like I am just going to get real and comfortable.”

TALE OF TWO CITIES: Bernhard originally performed the show last year in Los Angeles.

“L.A. is always a lot less tense and a lot more under the radar, but when you come to New York, you have to pick it up about a hundred degrees,” she said.