In the realm of homevid, “Blue’s Clues” has dug up plenty of green in 10 years.

Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, the kiddie TV franchise has spawned 45 VHS and DVD titles, collectively shipping nearly 40 million units to retail since bowing on homevideo in 1998.

Seven “Blue’s Clues” titles have sold at least 1 million copies each, trumping the reach of season sets of popular primetime TV shows, including “The OC” and “South Park.” “Blue’s Big Musical” has sold more than 3 million copies since 2000, especially strong for a direct-to-DVD release.

“‘Blue’s Clues’ was a tremendous success from the start, and it’s helped us build a huge preschool presence in the market,” says Nancy Wolpert, VP of home entertainment at Nickelodeon. “Wal-Mart has Nick Jr. sections. Target and Kmart have also been great supporters.”

DVD has become a key promotional driver for “Blue’s Clues” — several “Blue’s” episodes have bowed on DVD first, such as “Alphabet Power,” and then later aired on the Nick cable channel.

The skein also has helped establish the Nick Jr. brand in homevid, paving the way for newer Nick series. “Dora the Explorer,” for example, has shipped 30 million VHS and DVD units since 2001, and “Go, Diego, Go!” was introduced last year with a DVD premiere.

But of course, going forward, Nick’s DVD plans include going back to the “Blue’s” well.

To cash in on “Blue’s” 10-year anniversary, Nick released the compilation DVD “Blue’s Biggest Stories” Tuesday. The set ties in various milestone episodes of the series, featuring such storylines as going to college and Blue teaching viewers about school.

Through the fall, “Biggest Stories” will be promoted on the front of Kix cereal boxes, which will contain coupons for the DVD.

” ‘Blue’s’ is a landmark, and it opened the door for a lot of great things,” Wolpert says. “It just keeps going.”

Expect three to four new “Blue Clue’s” DVD releases in 2007.