1995: Reeves accident shocks H’w’d

From the Army Archerd Archive

June 2, 1995

The biz is saddened by the (horseback-riding) tragedy of Christopher Reeve, probably one of the best-liked performers. When we were taping “Celebrity Daredevils” for ABC in 1982, Reeve soared in a glider for us and said the state of mind he developed up in the blue was useful in his “Superman” films. He is also an expert sailor and danger never frightens him. Robert Halmi for whom Reeve recently completed CBS’ “The Black Fox” miniseries calls him, “The most intelligent actor I ever met.” Reeve was to start “Kidnapped” for him next week and had flown to Ireland last week to look at a house for his family, a house next to a stable of horses. Halmi told him, “Please do not ride while we’re shooting.” He says Reeve answered, “If I have to choose between riding and acting. I’ll give up acting. ” Note: Reeve suffered his fall May 27, 1995. I saw him — in his life-support apparatus — several times thereafter. One event was the preem at N.Y.’s Museum of Modern Art of HBO’s “The Gloaming,” which he directed. Dana was at his side — as always , smilingly checking everything, cheering him — feeding him dinner at the post-preem party. He urged her to resume her acting-singing career. She was to debut her act at Feinstein’s in N.Y. in October 2004. Christopher died Oct.10. She bravely agreed to play the club, June 10 and 11, 2005. Among those cheering her were Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward and Susan Sarandon. Dana, who had met Christopher when singing “Blue Skies” at the Williamstown, Mass. Theater, reprised the number in her act. Also in her repertoire — mirroring recollections of their lives — were: “Some Enchanted Evening,” “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” “It Never Entered My Mind,” ” I’ll Be Seeing You” and “A New Life.” She said of her singing, “This is what I want to do now.” She didn’t know cancer would cancel her.