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1973: Brando says ‘No’ to Oscar

March 28, 1973

GOOD MORNING and CONGRATS OSCAR WINNERS: Marlon Brando, through his secretary, notified us at 2:20 p.m. yesterday that he would not attend the awards, but that Alice Marshak, his girl Friday, would be on hand with an Apache Indian who would accept for him if he won … Only minutes earlier, “Godfather” producer Al Ruddy, who by the way was confident Brando would appear, told us how the actor had insisted five Indian chiefs get ducats to the N.Y. preem of the pic. Brando didn’t show at that event — he was too involved in a child custody case … Despite the heartburn with Brando, Ruddy admits, “I’d do another picture with him — for free. I’ve gotten more out of this movie than anything in my wildest dreams.” (Note: Brando won the actor Oscar as did Ruddy as producer. The “Godfather” vidgame hit stores this week. Ruddy says he was not called about the vidgame version, nor has he seen it. “The powers that be at Paramount made the deal,” he said. “It’s another revenue stream for us. Francis (Ford Coppola) and I are equal partners — and we’ve made millions already.” Today, Ruddy and partner Andre Morgan are readying the release of their giant Chinese musical, “Perhaps Love,” filmed in their four-stage studio in Shanghai.)