1962: ‘Cleo’ meets delays

March 22, 1962

GOOD MORNING, Wide, Wide World: 20th toppers talking a $10 top for “Cleopatra” opening engagements… Liz Taylor’s big outdoor arrival scene aboard Sphinx delayed until next month due to Rome weather… (Ed.note. the four-years-in-the-making film, fnally released in 1963, cost $42 million which translates to $259.8 million today, author James Robert Parish writes in his detailed story of the film’s making in his book, “Fiasco”.)… Dick Burton has an offer to play Michelangelo in “Agony and the Ecstasy”… When the “Diamond Head” company got a nix from one plantation owner to use his place for the pic, on grounds the yarn was too sexy, Jerry Bresler reminded the Kauaiian, “Don’t forget Charlton Heston also played Moses!”… David Niven, dislocated his spine skiing in Switzerland but now writes, “I’m OK and I am again a maniac.” … The murder scenes of “Ghandi” are killing Horst Buchholz in London on “Nine Hours To Rama.” He sez the emotional squeezing leaves him limp at the end of the day… Darryl Zanuck still has a sensahuma after the long “Longest Day.” When he completes editing 360,000 feet of film (into a pic which will run about three-and-a-half hours ) he sez, “I’ll first sit back and and have time to think of all the mistakes I made and how I could have avoided them — that will keep me busy enough.”…Shirley MacLaine able to resked her round-the-world trek in time to play “Thrill Girl” with Rock Hudson at U-I before “Irma La Douce” for Billy Wilder. (Note: Shirley MacLaine, busier than ever — 41 years later — leaves for London to start “Closing The Ring” with Christopher Plummer, directed by Richard Attenborough).