Spreading ‘Happyness’

Sony film preem raises money for AFI

Thursday’s “The Pursuit of Happyness” preem was a throwback to the pre-corporate ownership era when the studios would throw full-blown, Christmas-holiday benefit premieres.

Screenings were at the Village and Bruin theaters, with the after-party in a sleekly decorated, 24,000-square-foot tent on the Sony lot.

Outgoing American Film Institute director Jean Firstenberg said the 1,400-guest affair raised “lots and lots and lots of money” for the school.

According to studio topper Amy Pascal, the studio splurged because Howard Stringer chairs the org’s board (she’s a board member herself) and “this is Jean’s last thing.”

Party was lively enough to draw the attention of the Culver City police, who suggested the sound system’s base might be tuned down. It seems the neighbors’ windows were rattling.