Next up, the Bob Mackie helmet

Cher, Meadors put their heads together for troops

Singer, actress and closet C-SPAN junkie Cher wasn’t the focus of a recent House Armed Services Committee hearing, but she may as well have been.

In D.C. to play a supporting role for an organization that provides better helmets to U.S. troops in Iraq, the entertainer sat quietly in the audience June 15 as org founder Bob Meadors testified.

But every member of the committee made a point of thanking Cher for her concern for American noggins — she’s donated more than $100,000 to the cause.

And one inquiring congressional mind asked Meadors, “Is it true you’re gonna do a gig together?”

Retired and a grandfather, a helmetless Meadors replied, “I refuse to answer on the grounds it might get my head knocked around.”