Still flummoxed over what to give a colleague in the biz? Take a cue from Hollywood’s smartest personal shoppers. Herewith, a sprinkle of savvy advice and a handful of gifts for every type—from the architecture aficionado to the consummate entertainer to the BlackBerry dependent.

Marcy Wexler, CEO of Afashionablelife.com

“People in the industry are exposed to everything. You want to find something unique. If someone loves to give dinner parties, this Cuban-inspired dinnerware set by Tomas Frenes ($150 per set; afashionablelife.com) is perfect for the well dressed table. You can give one set or send 10 or 12 sets.

Bruce Feldman, co-founder with Carol Seigle, of Jasper & James; 310-581-6710

“A gift should show some forethought. Know what a person really likes. For someone interested in architecture, we like to give these replicas of English monuments by sculptor Timothy Richards. There are models and bookends, like Somerset House ($400; call 310-581-6710). We can even arrange a commission of someone’s house, which takes about 6 months and starts at $12,500.”

Ann Fitzpatrick, Director of personal shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue Club; 310-275-4211

“Clothing is too intimate. People are sensitive to green issues, so we like this solar-powered hybrid charger called a Solio ($100; at Saks Beverly Hills store). It’s perfect for an agent or producer because you can charge a BlackBerry or a cell phone or an iPod with it. It’s powered by the sun.”

Diane Lerner, owner of Star Treatment; 800-444-9059

“People in Hollywood work so hard. A gift that helps them relax is always a good choice. Our most popular choice is a box that is filled with green tea, an organic chocolate bar from Belgium, green tea body lotion and body wash by Thymes, an Illume candle and a cozy micro-chenille throw. The throw is perfect to keep in the office.”